Debra Bresnan, July 2012


Early in my career, I learned to contribute my writing and editing skills to worthy causes. I have worked as a features writer, executive director, speaker/trainer, grant writer, advocate, newsletter editor, and in-house marketing and publicity director. Today I offer my expertise to clients addressing communications challenges in a range of industries.

My clients are genuinely nice, dedicated people. They believe in what they do, and my role is to help them convey the value of their work to others. I enjoy collaborating with thinkers and doers – business owners, public policy leaders, marketing directors, Web developers and graphic designers.

Think of me as a translator who masters client languages. Listening to the way you speak, adopting and sometimes refining your writing style, and fine-tuning your message to freshly appeal to your target audience, attract new customers, simplify a complex matter, or enlighten skeptics . . . that’s creating a new language with you, and it’s one of the things I do best.

My clients trust me to go the extra keystrokes to give them a happy project ending.

On a personal note, being close to nature has been a dominant theme in my life and travels. Recently, while learning to meditate, I discovered my delight in the poetics of digital nature photography (see Small Wonder). I hope you’ll check back often to see what develops!



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